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How to Improve Your Essay Writing

There are times when essay writers are stuck with their unchanged essay process and can’t seem to paper writing service to improve their essay writing or the process. Moreover, the feedback from their teachers doesn’t help them when they are already satisfied with the essays you produce, especially if they are above par in comparison to the essays written by other students. 

At times like these, even these high performing essay writers end up seeking help from a write my paper, so they can get themselves out of this rut. However, at such times these writers should take their focus away from their essay writing and instead focus on improving their academic writing. This includes perfecting their formal academic writing; perfecting the quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing the outside sources; inducing a formal tone; improving the vocabulary and word-choice, etc.

Improving your grammar, word choice, and sentence voice.

The grammar acumen is built in the writer not by memorizing the various grammatical rules of writing, but by reading various types of writing, such as books, academic sources, research papers, etc. By taking in the plethora of text available, your mind automatically accustoms itself with the rules of grammar. Moreover, you learn through making mistakes and correcting them on the next try, these mistakes (pointed out by either your teacher or an editor) allow you to college essay examples know the mistakes you make and highlights your weaknesses. Targeting these errors one by one will help you learn the various rules that you should follow to make your writing clear, precise, and effective. 

There are plenty of things that you should look for to optimize your academic writing:

  • Avoiding excessive nominalization

Nominalization is when you change the adjectives and the verbs into nouns in your writing. This makes your writing unclear and confusing if used excessively in your writing.

  • Using strong action words

Strong action words make your writing potent as it allows you to communicate the action precisely. You can optimize your verbs during the editing process, by either using a thesaurus or tweaking the sentence.

  • Putting the noun and the verb closer together

To avoid confusing your reader, you should put the noun and the action verb closeby in the sentence. Many writers know this rule by heart but end up committing the mistake, as they try to fix the various thoughts and information inside one sentence. This also causes you to violate the subject-verb agreement.

  • Avoiding unnecessary adjectives and adverbs

You should know that there is always a better word out there that can replace the word phrase that includes an adjective or an adverb. Optimizing the word choice will help you get rid of these extra words that pull down your sentences.

  • Opting for active voice instead of passive

Changing the voice to be active in your writing will help you get rid of many mistakes that harm your essay writing. To change your voice to an active voice, you will need to remove the ‘to be’ verbs and also place the subject at the start of the sentence. Many passive voice sentences don’t have the subjects in them, so you will need to add the subject to the sentence as well. 

  • Using the various punctuation

The use of punctuations helps you communicate complex thoughts by connecting various sentences. Make use of semicolons in your writing to connect one sentence to the next, showing that the latter is connected to the former. The same way you can use colons to throw a punchline or to tell the readers the sentence after the colon reveals the content of the previous sentences alludes to.

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