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The Difference Between Organic And Paid Results

Both two outlets i.e organic search and pay per click are meant to generate more and more traffic for your business and brand but their procedures, techniques, and tips are quite different. In this guide, we will differentiate between organic search and pay per clicks to better emphasize their importance for a marketing strategy of a digital marketing agency or for Mobile App Development Dubai 

Organic Search VS Paid Results

When organic search focuses on ranking through content and does not apply the methods of paid results to get more traffic on their site, the paid ranking does not completely focus on their content but pays to SEO optimize their content so that it can rank higher on Google. Paid searches allow users to pay for getting a prominent spot in search results like or web development company dubai

Advantages of organic search

Organic search is completely dependent on the content of a social media agency. There are several benefits of organic searchers and some of them are described here.

  1. The biggest benefit of organic searches is that you do not have to invest a dime to get traffic. All you have to do is to generate better and SEO optimized content so that Google can automatically rank it higher. If your content is fine Google will show it on top of search results which will boost your traffic.
  2. Organic searches do take time but if they are done right, they generate quite an impressive return on investment. Because you have not invested anything in the organic search and whatever you are getting is completely your profit. 
  3. Another benefit of organic search is that it relevant users to your business and if your products or services are good then those users will become your customers.
  4. Organic search is not bound to Google or Google Ads Management but it also supports other marketing channels.

Advantages of paid results

Just organic search, paid results also has a wide range of benefits while some of these benefits are described here.

  1. Unlike organic search which takes quite some time to rank on Google and generate results, paid searchers generate instant and on-time results. In this way, you do not have to wait for customers to come. Once you started a paid search the customers will keep on coming.
  2. Just like organic search, it also delivers an impressive return on your investment. 
  3. Where the organic search attracts buyers that may be interested in your business, the paid searches only attract buyers that are ready to buy your products or services.
  4. It also supports other marketing channels like Email marketing, social media marketing, Google Ads Management, content marketing, mobile marketing, etc.