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  • 1.  MayaEdu - Thank you

    Posted 11-06-2020 17:56

    Hi Vipin – Remind me what kind of cases you have and what kind of physicians you need.  


    If Medical Residents will do, one option is just to contact a program director and they can get their residents to sign up.  They would all be from the same program.  I could help you find residents in medicine or peds.


    Another option is to post an announcement on the SIDM listserv that you are looking for volunteers (and describe who it is you want).    Other researchers have done this before, but I don't recall any other commercial ventures doing so.  I don't know if it will be approved, but if you try to request permission beforehand the answer will almost certainly be 'no'.  Better to just see if it gets posted without the moderator giving it much attention.


    Here's the address if you want to go that route:   


    improvediagnosis-discussionboard@connectedcommunity.org IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS-discussionboard@ConnectedCommunity.org