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NYTimes: Using A.I. to Find Bias in A.I.

  • 1.  NYTimes: Using A.I. to Find Bias in A.I.

    Posted 07-01-2021 10:40
    Let me state I'm a fan of AI in diagnosis as a support tool. Had it existed with my son was multiply misdiagnosed for over seven years, and had the clinicians using it paid attention to its results, he would have been properly diagnosed in under two years. 

    But we have to acknowledge it's not perfect yet.

    The article is not limited to healthcare AI or diagnostic tools, however it's an interesting look under the hood of how to approach reducing unintended bias caused by the wrong data or biased input. The article features the new CEO of a company called Parity who "is building her company around a tool designed by Rumman Chowdhury, a well-known A.I. ethics researcher who spent years at the business consultancy Accenture before joining Twitter."