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Hypothesis driven data collection via virtual chatbot

  • 1.  Hypothesis driven data collection via virtual chatbot

    Posted 12-10-2021 04:42

    Hi all, 

    For the past 3 years, I have led the development of an AI-driven diagnostic clinical reasoning engine. 
    It is a great privilege to join SIDM and have the opportunity to share with this distinguished community the work we do. 

    Kahun is Tel Aviv based med-tech venture that developed an AI virtual in-take technology. Kahun has built an evidence-based medical knowledge graph (20M+ relations) and an AI engine that utilizes the graph to generate real-time insights. It enables Kahun to perform a patient interview, capture the history of present illness (HPI), conduct a systems review (ROS) and generate a concise summary ready for the healthcare provider.

    Kahun's Medical Knowledge Graph is a unique, highly-connected knowledge base that is designed to model medical knowledge about diseases and their interconnected relations as this information appears in evidence-based literature, modeling both the ontological level and the quantitative, empirical facts. The company has harnessed its clinical reasoning platform to build the chatbot for virtual clinical intake.

    Note - this is not another symptom checker: The goal is not to assess likely diseases based on subjective responses but to provide a standard, high-quality virtual intake ending with a physician summary which can both save time for the provider and more importantly, standardizes the quality of history taking across all patient-physician encounters. It can also reduce the likelihood of anchoring, human bias, or missing important clues which many times result in costly late or misdiagnosis. Kahun aims to provide a high-quality, standard front door for any patient-provider interaction. (Virtual First, Telemedicine and traditional).

    References of our research and collaborations:
    NEJM Healer collaborates with med tech start-up to enhance teaching and assessing clinical reasoning: https://knowledgeplus.nejm.org/press/nejm-healer-collaborates-with-med-tech-start-up-to-enhance-teaching-and-assessing-clinical-reasoning/

    Assessing the Performance of a New Artificial Intelligence–Driven Diagnostic Support Tool Using Medical Board Exam Simulations: Clinical Vignette Study: https://medinform.jmir.org/2021/11/e32507/

    We are seeking collaborations with research groups, partnerships with other solutions for providers such as Telemedicine, scheduling, EHRs and EHR add-ons. If this is relevant for any of the members of this community, I'd be honored to share more details.

    Thank you for your attention,


    Michal Tzuchman Katz, MD
    Pediatrician, Co-Founder, and Chief Medical Officer
    Kahun Medical Ltd.
    Tel: +972-545-299622

    Michal Tzuchman Katz