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  • 1.  Fwd: Transitions

    Posted 01-14-2021 17:55
    Paul, this is bittersweet news. As Bob Trowbridge has stated so well, you deserve a HUGE amount of credit for SIDM's progress. Not to take away from all those who have contributed to SIDM's success since those early days, I daresay that you were critical to that success. I am at the same time happy for you to be able to transition to a new role within and without SIDM, while helping a new CEO take the reins and press on with the mission of reducing harm to patients. Best of luck.

    David L Meyers, MD, MBE, FACEP

    Former Chief, Emergency Medicine - Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
    Former Board member; Chair, Board Governance Committee; Board Liaison-Patient Engagement Committee - Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (www.improvediagnosis.org)
    Adjunct Faculty, KSAS - Johns Hopkins University