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ECRI 2022 Top 10 Patient Safety concerns

  • 1.  ECRI 2022 Top 10 Patient Safety concerns

    Posted 03-15-2022 10:00
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    Here's the report. (Attached). We made the top 10 again. We're #5. I also think that #3 Bias and Racism are pervasive and a major contributor to cognitive biases and diagnostic errors. 

    The List for 2022
    1. Staffing shortages
    2. COVID-19 effects on healthcare workers' mental health 
    3. Bias and racism in addressing patient safety
    4. Vaccine coverage gaps and errors
    5. Cognitive biases and diagnostic error
    6. Nonventilator healthcare-associated pneumonia
    7. Human factors in operationalizing telehealth
    8. International supply chain disruptions
    9. Products subject to emergency use authorization
    10. Telemetry monitoring