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Job Opening – Director of Quality Improvement

  • 1.  Job Opening – Director of Quality Improvement

    Posted 03-19-2020 13:11

    The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine team is currently looking for candidates for the position of Director of Quality Improvement.

    Job Overview:
    The Director of Quality Improvement (DQI) is responsible for designing, implementing and directing SIDM's quality improvement projects, research portfolio and scientific endeavors in the diagnostic quality and safety field. The DQI will develop and lead quality improvement programs, drive and meet strategic and financial organizational goals, and provide technical assistance to SIDM's principal investigators and its committees.

    Key responsibilities:

    1. Execute the quality improvement functions of SIDM's programs, projects, grants and contracts
    2. Build new program collaborations with SIDM's funders and partners
    3. Ensure relevant volunteer committees align their research and QI agenda with SIDM's mission, vision and strategic priorities

    If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please see the full job posting. For any additional questions, please email Careers@ImproveDiagnosis.org.

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