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New AHRQ Issue Brief - Checklists to improve diagnosis

  • 1.  New AHRQ Issue Brief - Checklists to improve diagnosis

    Posted 09-23-2020 12:30
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    AHRQ has just released the 3rd issue brief in its new series on diagnosis – attached.    (#1 was on measurement;   #2 was on telediagnosis).


    Checklists have proven value in other aspects of health care, and anecdotally are thought to be useful for diagnosis.  In contrast, research studies on both 'process' and 'content' checklists to improve diagnosis have found little or no evidence for their efficacy.  The issue brief (authored by Laura Zwaan and Justine Staal) summarizes the current state of evidence, and presents some ideas on why the potential benefit hasn't been realized in diagnosis. 


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