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Tracing better?

  • 1.  Tracing better?

    Posted 03-28-2020 20:07
    Countries like Singapore have used mobile devices to track exposures and tested everyone - and let people know who unknowingly come within 6 feet of someone positive to quarantine even used app to control access to stores you had to scan in/out.

    Could we do tracking better if there is a second round of infection this coming Winter?

    Check out  www.tracetogether.gov.sg  How effective is this?

    Does anyone know if Covid 19 is likely to mutate?

    Did MERS or SARS mutate? Why did those die out?

    Rob Bell, M.D.

  • 2.  RE: Tracing better?

    Posted 03-28-2020 20:59
    This is classic STD testing.

    tom benzoni

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  • 3.  RE: Tracing better?

    Posted 03-28-2020 21:31
    Good point.

    Anything to learn from STD tracing for Covid 19 tracing?