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Seeking a few long COVID patients

  • 1.  Seeking a few long COVID patients

    Posted 04-07-2022 16:22
    Hi everyone! My name is Allyson Bontempo, and I'm a PhD Candidate at Rutgers University studying health communication. In particular, my work focuses on patient-clinician communication in the context of diagnosis and diagnostic uncertainty.

    In the past I have studied the patient population of endometriosis. However, I am now working on my dissertation, which is developing and validating a patient-report measure of dismissal/invalidation of symptoms. I am beginning with the context of long haul COVID per the recommendation of my methodologist being that there is greater demographic diversity. The study consists of 4 phases. The first phase is performing cognitive interviews with a handful of long haul COVID patients to make sure the measure I'm developing and the larger survey is easy to comprehend, is not off-putting in any way, and to make sure I am not missing any important experiences to be included.

    Given the unique makeup of SIDM members, I was hoping some of you could connect me with some (~5) long COVID patients you may know, or other colleagues who may be able to connect me with some long COVID patients. It would be tremendously appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Allyson Bontempo

    Allyson Bontempo, MA
    PhD Candidate / Instructor
    School of Communication & Information
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey