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Fw: Regarding an unsolved medical mystery

  • 1.  Fw: Regarding an unsolved medical mystery

    Posted 05-12-2021 09:57
    Interesting information about diagnosis of Kris Kristofferson's illness by Isabel.

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    Hi Bimal


    We noticed with interest your post to the SIDM list serv below:


    "The main value of crowdsourcing in diagnosis, it seems to me, is in making available a large differential diagnosis in a particular patient, which may not occur to an individual physician. But whether a suspected disease is correct or not is decided only after testing for it and not by the number of physicians  who believe in it. The case of the well-known country singer, Kris Kristofferson, is highly instructive in this regard. He developed memory loss and was diagnosed to have Alzheimer's dementia after being seen by a number of physicians. Years later, another physician saw him and diagnosed him correctly to have Lyme disease after testing for it. After a few weeks' treatment, he was able to resume his singing career.


    We took note of the reference to the Kris Kristofferson case as it would have happened we had run that case in three ways based on the attached three accounts through Isabel.  Bottom line is that Isabel made visible Lyme in all three scenarios and allowing the broader differential brought up with the Isabel DDX generator (Isabel provides a broad unbiased objective source) perhaps they could have diagnosed the Lyme sooner.  Isabel is about providing the possibilities to consider and answering the question of "what else could be going on?".


    Each write up with the Isabel results are attached.


    Let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Isabel DDX generator.






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