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Free, Non-Commercial Webinar - COVID-19 Telehealth: What Will Stick After the Crisis?

  • 1.  Free, Non-Commercial Webinar - COVID-19 Telehealth: What Will Stick After the Crisis?

    Posted 04-21-2020 10:12
    SIDM Colleagues,

    Quick update on the webinar which some of you have heard about and are passing along - 

    Good audience for a robust Q&A/discussion  - 150+ registrants including Northwestern, Rush, U Chicago, Stanford, UCSF, Edward-Elmhurst Health, UCSD, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Sutter, Dignity/CommonSpirit, OhioHealth, Harvard, Penn State, Vituity, PWC, IBM, HIMSS, Doximity, Anthem et al. 

    My co-presenter and fellow SIDM member Dr. Matt Sakumoto of UCSF was quoted yesterday by Inc. Magazine re COVID-19 telehealth - 

    Details below. 

    Hope you can join us!

    - Tom

    Tom S. Lee, Ph.D., MBA
    630.202.4222 (m)


    As a patient, operator, or owner, you may be experiencing the explosive growth of telehealth (or, more narrowly, "telemedicine") in your personal or professional life due to COVID-19.  Virtual visits through a myriad of devices (and technical issues!) are seeping into the fabric of our expectations for healthcare, and things will not be the same after the immediate crisis.  

    But a question that keeps coming up among healthcare leaders is what SPECIFIC aspects of these changes to telehealth will really persist beyond the crisis and that should inform long-range planning, rather than just bandaid workarounds in the near term?  

    Happy to partner with my good friends and fellow members of the all-volunteer citizen army fighting COVID-19 to present a free, non-commercial webinar on this very question:

    Free Webinar - COVID-19 Telehealth: What Will Stick After the Crisis?
    The COVID-19 federal emergency bills and CMS waivers have radically changed and expanded the telehealth landscape to meet the challenges of the current pandemic. However, an increasingly nagging question is exactly which of the transformational changes to telehealth policy, reimbursement and clinical practice will actually persist post-crisis? We explore by triangulating current policy, telehealth workflows and patient experience towards identifying "what will stick."

    Tom S. Lee, Ph.D. (President @Blazio)
    Piyush Kedia (CEO @EMPClaims)
    Matt Sakumoto, MD (Clinical Informatics Fellow, Virtual Acute Care Clinic @UCSF)

    Note: registering after the webinar provides access to the recording.