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Diagnosis still a weak link in healthcare

  • 1.  Diagnosis still a weak link in healthcare

    Posted 04-30-2020 13:03
    There was an article in USA Today reviewing Death Certificates

    One in 3 death certificates were wrong before coronavirus. It's about to get even worse.


    At one time SIDM was looking at the Autopsy and how it might improve diagnosis.  Last year I wrote two pieces on how an autopsy made a major difference in how a family (and others) reacted to a loved ones' death (along with other thoughts,  They are here:
         A tale of 3 Autopsies:   http://winslowmedical.com/archives/181
         A Follow-up on the Autopsy:  http://winslowmedical.com/archives/185

    Let me know what you might think.
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  • 2.  RE: Diagnosis still a weak link in healthcare

    Posted 04-30-2020 13:50
    As an ER doc tasked to complete death certificates: I'm not the least surprised. Someone I don't know comes in with CPR in progress. They don't survive, as is most common case.
    I know nothing about them. I may get some quasi-medical data from family, if any.
    Then I'm tasked with completing a legal document, swearing/affirming the truth of what I enter.
    Meanwhile, the ER is filling up.
    If I choose to complete the death certificate on my private time, I don't have access to records.
    In general, I can't send to the family doctor for details of health; as far as I know, they died because their heart stopped.
    It is possible the medical examiner will, with more time and at relative leisure, make a more definitive finding but this is rare.
    Why don't we have electronic death records? Medicare has the ICD codes of all members; why aren't the past histories automatically completed?
    I can tell you they are dead, but the rest I don't know.
    tom benzoni